Pik~ment Digital

Peakment is a full-service advertising agency that combines different disciplines focused on campaigns. We adopt an integrated approach with multi disciplines to develop holistic digital marketing solutions for brands. We started our activities in 2015. Today, we provide services in all areas that a digital campaign needs.

With our campaign-oriented working, we can manage the projects of your brand, product or special day campaigns or work together on only one component of our services.

Our Story

As Peakment Digital, we started working on SEO, Performance Marketing and Social Media Marketing verticals in 2015. We have served 45 customers in total. And we're still working with 43 of these clients. Because we see ourselves as the digital marketing department of brands. We think we can provide value for every brand.

When we work, deficiencies in content, ux, and web analytics could have prevented our work. We have never seen these problems as a customer's problem. We see all our work as a project. And if there is a problem in a project, we will try to fix it immediately. Yeah, this approach is no stranger. Scrum methodology. Taichi Onho's revolutionary approach to Toyota.

At this point, we decided that we could solve the problems of the project ourselves. First of all, in 2017, we created our content team with a sudden decision. We have established one of the best content teams by bringing a different perspective to the basic logic of SEO. Currently, we are producing the best content in Turkey.

Then we realized that we need to understand IT teams better. Without our IT team, we couldn't solve this problem. Then, we included project managers from different disciplines in our team. As the process continued, we found ourselves as a full service advertising agency.


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