Since 2018, we produce all the contents of is the ebebek's corporate blog to inform parents.


With collabration we want to increase in organic traffic with evergreen content.

What we done

In order to increase the organic traffic of, we have determined a content strategy. In the context of this strategy;

  • With SEOMonitor and, we have identified the sectoral keywords.
  • We’ve analyzed semantic keywords that will support the main keywords we’ll need when creating the content.
  • We have identified personas for and tried to predict new search queries that these people can do.
  • We planned the headings that will increase organic traffic and created our annual content calendar.
  • We received doctor and dietician recommendations from ebebek for these contents.
  • After our content editors created the content, a content specialist checked the readability of the content.
  • In the last step, an SEO expert helped us produce search engine-friendly content with small touches


We’ve produced over 300 detailed content, most of them evergreen content, and we’re still producing them. As a result of all these efforts, we have made a significant contribution to the increase of non-brand organic traffic from 250.000 to 1.000.000 band. We also achieved a 300% increase in links to

Project Members Team

Zafer Kavaklı – ebebek Digital Marketing Manager
Elif Ulutepe – Project Coordinator – Digital Communication Specialist
Meltem Akça – Social Media Specialist
Beyza Uyan – Nutrition and Diet Specialist

Peakment Team

Mustafa Özkan – Project Manager – Digital Marketing Specialist
Duygu Çaydaş – Content Specialist
Merve Yılmaz – Content Editor
Pınar Gültekin – Content Editor
Passion Coach – Content Editor
Serap Özkan – Content Editor
Gizem Karatekin – Content Editor
Mutluhan Biter – SEO Specialist
Anıl Zengin – SEO Specialist

We are excited to meet you.