Since 2018, we have been working on content production for ebebek.com, the leading brand in the mom and baby industry. We have fulfilled the requirements of the search engines while conveying the correct information to the mothers.


Since March 2018, we have been working with ebebek.com in content production. In order to maximize the brand’s existing SEO success, it was the main objective of the project to produce the right content through detailed analysis.

What we done

  • We had no chance of making mistakes on a mother-baby website. Our first step was to raise the awareness of mothers. In this case, we have prepared a detailed list of the contents to be created first.
  • We have completed the lack of information by getting clear answers with the doctors and dietitians of ebebek.com.
  • Together with the ebebek.com team, we released personas and tried to better understand our target audience and their needs.
  • Using SEOmonitor and Keywordtool.io, we have identified semantic keywords for each category (main and subcategories).
  • We created our user-oriented content without any SEO concern. Our Project Managers measured the readability of the content after the content was created. They checked readability.
  • After this point, our SEO experts stepped in and took care to create content suitable for search engines with small touches.


Our goal in all these studies is to create user-oriented content with accurate information. As a content was written by an expert editor we checked again twice more for possible errors. In the 500+ category content we created for ebebek.com and the 350+ meta title – desc study, the revised demand remained only 3%.

Project Teams

ebebek Team

  • Zafer Kavaklı – Digital Marketing Manager
  • Ünsal Çamoğlu – Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Elif Ulutepe – Digital Communication Specialist
  • Meltem Akça – Social Medai Specialist

Peakment Team

  • Serpil Seydooğulları – Project Coordinator
  • Mutluhan Biter – SEO Specialist
  • Anıl Zengin – SEO Specialist
  • Pınar Gültekin – Copywriter
  • Serap Güzel – Copywriter
  • Gizem Karatekin – Copywriter
  • Merve Yılmaz – Copywriter
  • Duygu Çaydaş – Content Tracking Specialist

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