iddaa Rakipbul League


Turkey largest mini-football organization iddaa Rakipbul League. We thought that it could increase organic traffic with a different perspective to the brand that appealed to a niche audience.

What we done

Before starting the work, the brand was thought to have considerable organic traffic. But with the analysis, we realized that organic traffic came from 15,000 teams writing their names in search engines. This is an indication that both non-brand organic traffic is very low and that we are facing a serious UX problem on our site.

  • First of all, we made an analysis to solve the brand’s UX problems.
  • A new homepage would be created and it would appeal to all users ( registered or not ). So we would solve ux problems.
  • We’ve created the data of all the mini-football in Turkey and we have added to our site.
  • We launched a blog system that will create interesting content from the industry.
  • We observed that the linking that the company makes with each other with its own organizations harms the site. We’ve blocked unnecessary links with the Google Disawow tool.


As a result of all these studies, we have achieved a 35% increase in organic traffic except seasonality and non-brand searches. In addition, we targeted 15,000 new sectoral keywords with the idea of adding all mini-football zones to the database. In addition, UX improvements have resulted in a 40% increase in the number of leads compared to the previous period.

Project Members

iddaa Rakipbul League Team

Cem Durul – Founder
Burak Doğan – IT Specialist

Peakment Team

Mustafa Özkan – Digital Marketing Manager
Alihan Koç – Backend Developer
Mutluhan Biter – SEO Specialist
Anıl Zengin – SEO Specialist